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Occ-Cast Episode 35 Featuring Kai 'Borg' Garcia

Likely one of the most physically intimidating people you will ever come across, Kai 'Borg' Garcia is an extremely positive role model with the ability to extract the best version of anyone, even without speaking at times.

The former Jiu-Jitsu World Champion is an integral part of the Hawaiian Water Patrol & community, keeping the world’s best surfers safe as they take on some of the largest waves imaginable.

"It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life…it’s what are you doing today."

In this episode of the Occ-Cast, Occy & Kai sit down to talk on staying in the present, being the best person you can be every day, the next generation of Hawaiian surfers & much more.

This is Occy v Kai Borg.

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